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About Dr. Mason 

Dr. Mason was born and raised in the Bay Area California. Growing up he was always passionate about athletics and fitness. While in Undergrad, he fell in love with Athletic Training and knew he wanted to work with the human body in some capacity. After shadowing a local Chiropractor, he knew that becoming one himself was exactly what he wanted. He graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA in 2020. While in school he found a new appreciation for just how amazing the human body is and what it’s capable of doing, and realized just how wrong and destructive mainstream medicine has become for many. He has dedicated himself to learning and applying the best healing methods and philosophies so that everyone that comes to see him can achieve a higher quality of life. He believes that every person has the amazing ability to heal and be healthy!

He also coaches at F45 in Prosper right next door and many of their trainers/owners and members come to him regularly to stay healthy and keep performing at a high level!

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