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Hormonal/Cycles Imbalances

Hormonal imbalances seem to be all too common these days, but they are not normal. There are many different reason why hormonal imbalances can occur. A wide array of toxic chemicals exist now in our food, air, water and pharmaceuticals. All of these can have an huge affect on how our body’s hormones function. Thankfully, regular chiropractic care at Renegade Chiropractic can help. Here’s what you need to know.

Stomach Pain

Hormone Imbalance Symptoms:

A hormone imbalance can cause different issues for different people, but there are still some common symptoms. Some of these include:

  • Unexplained changes in weight

  • Changes in your sleeping patterns

  • Mood changes

  • Hair loss or abnormal hair growth

  • Changes in your reproductive health/Irregular or painful cycles

  • Migraines

How Chiropractic and Zone Therapy Can Help:

Your brain sends out signals to the spine which houses nerves that run the entire length of your body and send messages to your endocrine system, the system involved in hormone production and regulation. An imbalanced Glandular or Nervous System along with a spine that is out of alignment can affect these nerves and inhibit your endocrine system’s ability to regulate your body’s hormone levels. A chiropractor can help restore a hormone imbalance by performing a spinal adjustments and restoring balance to your body’s six systems. This addresses the root cause of your imbalance and helps the body restore itself.

Visiting Your Chiropractor for Hormonal Balancing:

Do you suffer from hormonal issues? Visiting Mason Modad is a drug-free method for relief and most people see results within a few sessions. Please contact our team today at (469) 481-6568 to schedule a consultation appointment.

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