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A Renegade For
Your Health!

At Renegade Chiropractic, We Like To Do Things Differently! We Focus On The Brain and Nutrition To Holistically Get You Better.

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Who We Help!

Common Conditions

Back Pain

Neck Pain


Shoulder Pain



Child Physiotherapy

Knee/Ankle/Foot Pain

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Back Pain

Stomach Pain


Cycle  Imbalances



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Digestive Issues

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The Amazing Power Of Zone Technique

Bringing Back Balance

Through the use of Zone Technique, we can accurately determine which system (or systems) of your body need to be rebalanced, so that your body can heal itself and you can regain your quality of life.

Balancing Rocks

What Our Members Say

"Just got my adjustment today and can breath better, my head feels clear and totally feel relaxed! Thank you Dr. Modad for the perfect adjustment! You will be seeing me regularly!"

Ali M.

Contact Us

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1061 North Coleman St., Suite 100 Prosper, TX 75078

(Inside Well Frequency Wellness Center)

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